All is a punk rock band featuring members of the Descendents. As such, they sound a whole hell of a lot like the Descendents, and quite frankly, the two of them may as well be the same band for all it matters, since people who like one are pretty much destined to like the other.


After Milo Aukerman went back to school (to finish his Doctoral thesis in biochemistry I believe), the three other members of the Descendents, Bill Stevenson, Stephen Egerton and Karl Alverez, formed All, recruiting singer Dave Smalley. Around 1988 (after Allroy Sez), Dave left to form his own band, Down By Law, and was replaced by Scott Reynolds. Scott too left (both left on good terms with the band), to form Goodbye Harry and The Pavers. Chad Price, their current singer stepped in around 1993, and seems to be around for the long haul.

All also runs their own studio, the Blasting Studio, affiliated with Owned & Operated Records, where they support the local music scene in Ft. Collins, Colorado (see the Pavers, Tanger, Bill the Welder, Wretch Like Me).


Allroy for Prez, 1988 Cruz
Allroy Sez, 1988 Cruz
Allroy's Revenge, 1989 Cruz (a personal fav.)
Allroy Saves, 1990 Cruz
Percolator, 1992 Cruz
Breaking Things, 1993 Cruz
Pummel, 1995 Interscope
Mass Nerder, 1998 Epitaph
s/t, 1999 Owned & Operated
Problematic, 2000 Owned & Operated

All? No, All!