St.Germain is Ludovic Navarre, a french guy who has produced music under various pseudonyms, such as Sub System, Deepside and Modus Vivendi, although nowadays he seems to be only "St.Germain", and has released two albums under this pseudonym, "Boulevard" on F-Communications label in year 1995 and "Tourist", on Blue Note label in year 2000.

Material on the first album, "Boulevard", ranges from jazzy house rhythms to reggae influenced hip-hop beats, and the "Tourist" continues this style nicely. On both albums, Navarre has invited real musicians to play some instruments for his songs; so it's not just synthesized music. There is also 2 cd collection of Navarre's music from the years 1992 to 1996 which contains some material from album "Boulevard", called "Ludovic Navarre aka St.Germain - From Detroit to St.Germain", released on F-Communications label in year 1999.