The Spirit of Versailles was a scremo/hardcore band out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and existed from July 1998 - October 200. They have shared the stage with such bands as: Camera Obscura, The Faint, Last Day Parade, At the Drive In, I, Robot, Orchid, Jerome’s Dream, The Most Secret Method, Forstella Ford Love Lost but not Forgotten, Eclipse of Eden, Summer(set), Longfellow, Billy, With Night Falls Fast, Examination of the..., Caligari, Ursup Synapse, and Saetia.

The original line up was as follows:

Tanner Olsen – guitar, Eric Evenson – bass, BJ Anderson – vocals, Matt Mcfarland - drums

From BJ:

“We played our first show that following September with At the Drive In. We recorded a demo with Matt Mcfarland and not long after in December we got John Theis on drums and recorded our first 7 inch "in line for halos". that line up stayed and we recorded the 6 song CD, split 7 inch with Saqqara, split 7 inch with rise from ruin, and the song from "The Songs of the Dead" comp with that lineup. Then around Nov/Dec of 1999, Tanner left mutually and Eric moved to guitar and Tim Jewell from Saqqara started to play bass. That was the lineup we had the longest but we only recorded an 8 song CD that never officially came out, and the split 7 inch with Caligari along with one other song that is unreleased.”

Discography: Demo tape October 1998

'In line for halos' 7" January 1999

'Confluence of all the senses' CD April 1999

Saqqara split 7" August 1999

Rise from ruin split 7" August 1999

'Songs of the dead' comp August 1999

8 song CD May 2000

Caligari split 7" May 2001 Pressing Info: First Pressing (July 2001): 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on red vinyl (mail-order only) pressed at United Record Pressing. Photocopied covers and inserts done at Kinko’s, on a variety of colors; only the color vinyl copies had color copied covers. All 500 hand numbered of 500. Three black vinyl test pressings. Out of print. || Second pressing (December 2001): 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on gold vinyl (mail-order only) pressed at United Record Pressing. Two-color covers machine-numbered and creased and silver inserts printed on a Heidelberg Press.

An account of their last show:


“The experience always has left me smiling. Until this past Halloween night, when Spirit of Versailles performed for the last time.

Guitarist Eric Evenson has decided to move to Minneapolis and pursue an education in music. In light of Evenson’s change of locale, Spirit made the decision to break up.

The band’s final outburst proved to be an emotional one. Even before the first song, vocalist B.J. Anderson fought back tears with his microphone firmly in hand.

From a fan’s perspective, the sadness translated well into a spirited performance that appeared to be a sonic, spastic hug among the four band members who had a tough time looking at each other, knowing this was indeed the end.

Between songs the band addressed the crowd, either thanking the fans for sharing in the experience, explaining the breakup and often proclaiming that Spirit’s 3€-year existence was the best period of their lives.

The fans’ hearts were heavy too as the usual sing-along to Spirit’s "Youth Crew" anthems escalated into a triumphant celebration of the band that would not be there the next morning.

Spirit ended with the members and fans congealing on stage in a giant embrace while free feedback filled the room with a solemn reminder, that at least in Sioux Falls, Spirit’s music will not be forgotten.

For me, the show was like attending the funeral of a close friend. But, this friend won’t be forgotten.

I’m sure I’ll listen to a Spirit recording anytime I need to be reminded how to smile.”