Saetia was a screamo band from New York City that was existent from February 1997 to October 1999.

The band members have been Billy Werner – Vocals, Jamie Behar - Guitar, Greg Drudy - Drums, Colin - Guitar, Steve Roche – Bass, Adam Marino - Bass, Matt Smith - Bass and Alex Madara - Bass.

Saetia played with such bands as: Eclipse of Eden, Atom & His Package, Glassjaw, Avail, Mid Carson July, Elliott, Combat Wounded Veteran, Twelve Hour Turn, Burnman, Scrotum Grinder, Vida Blue, You and I, I, Robot, God Awful and Racebannon.

Saetia released a self-titled LP with Mountain Records (#19), Eronel 7inch on Witching Hour Records (#14), a self-titled 7inch on Level Plane Records (#1) and had original material on the ABC No Rio Benefit compilation on Level Plane Records (#3).

Alex Madara, unfortunately, died of a severe allergic reaction that put him in a coma for eight days. He died on December 14, 1998. Alex had been the first bass player for Saetia and left in the fall of 1997.

“I speak on behalf of Saetia when I say that he is missed and we share in the grief of his family and other friends.”


A Saetia discography compilation entitled “A Retrospective” is available in a limited amount on Level-Plane Records.

Saetia played their first show at ABC No Rio in New York City. Saetia played their final show at ABC No Rio on October 9, 1999.

Members of Saetia have gone on to perform in the bands Off Minor, She’s Hit!, Errortype 11 and Hot Cross.