My dog is a complete moron sometimes. Last night he decided to climb under the fence, yet again. This time, however, he didn't have his collar or license tags. So, now we had to look throughout the neighborhood for hours until about 3 am. No sign of him whatsoever. Dogs can run amazing distances in a few hours, and he was let out start hours before we started to look for him. So, he had at least a three hour head start.

My only thought right now is how angry I am at the dog for escaping. Hopefully, he'll return when he's hungry, but since he gets fed at night, he missed yesterday's food. And usually he needs a ton of attention from us.

I had hoped I would find some sign of him. I looked for dog corpses on the side of the road, I listened for distant barking of other dogs warning him off of their territory, and I asked around every person I saw out at that hour. No sign of him whatsoever. And no person had seen him in those three hours. I did smell skunk around the house, though, which leads me to think that perhaps he's running somewhere to get rid of the smell.

Has some idiot gone and stolen my dog? I would normally find this impossible to believe, except that one of the people who helped us look had her dog stolen from her backyard. I just wonder why they stole Pwcca, who is a mixed breed (German Shephard and Rottweiler), very "ordinary" dog (apart from being a family member) and didn't steal Fievel, who is still a mixed breed (Pit Bull and Labradour Retriever) but is more muscular and "pretty."

For those who are curious as to what happened and such, my wife has gone to the pound to pick up my dog Pwcca. He was terrified, and nearly wet himself when she walked away to sign papers. But, he's back at home. We need to pay $120 or so to get him registered in 10 days. While this is something we should have done a while back, it comes at such a bad time. Right now, both my wife's car and my car have several hundred dollars of repairs needed before they are driveable. We're borrowing my father-in-law's car, but he is going to be selling that car soon. So, $200 there, $300 here... Another $120... Great. $120 might as well be $10000020. Ah well.