I found out today that Hermetic is dead.

I didn't know him personally, just read his writeups from afar. I'm saddened that he took his own life, saddened by the regrets I saw when I read the node.

I went and looked at his last writeup. Why is it that the ones that take their own leave from this world seem to care so much about it? The brightest stars fade soonest.

I saw some of my old nodes, too. Those halcyon GTKY days. I was not then what I am now. I knew more then. I was foolish. I do not think I am much wiser now.

E2 slows, grows old. This is the twilight. Do nate and dem_bones drink old rum and sit in velvet chairs? The swashbuckling is over. Now we become.... something else. I am proud to have contributed. Maybe one day I can tell my children about this place.

Maybe one day they can come here, too.

It's September 11. The media is probably having a field day. The emotional are working themselves up into a frenzy. The intellectuals are arguing about foreign policy and what's wrong with America. Those that hate, have more reason to. We all become a little less innocent, because loss is what you pay to learn about the world, and the world lost a year ago.

I walked by the armory on the way back from class. They were doing something that looked like a September 11 memorial. I didn't stop. I kept going... It's a clear, cool, sunny day today. If the air were a little moister it would be just like Portland.

I miss Portland today. It's been some five weeks since I left. I have freedom here, at the cost of weather and place. It is a fair trade, and I will return to Portland someday. I would like to live, not in the city, but near enough I can go meet people there. I want to have a house, and a wife. I'd like a job that I can wake up for.

I am incomplete... What can make me finished?