front of postcard: a photograph taken by Allen Ginsberg under which he has written: "Paul Bowles, home in Medina Marrakesh, 1961 we visted a week."

Happy Father's Day

Paul Bowles and Allen Ginsberg, of course, were both beat poets in the same vein as Kerouac and Burroughs. Medina ("city" in arabic) Marrakesh, or Marrakech, is in Morocco about 130 miles south of Casablanca, which is another 150-200 miles south of Tangiers -- where all four beat poets I just named once lived.

Apparently Marrakesh is a "stunning imperial city", on a dry rocky plain, with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the southeast. Marrakesh also features palm gardens, a city wall, a 250 ft. mosque/minaret; and a college and collapsed palace, both dating from the 16th century. Oh, and a traditional market, "straight out of the movies".

None of this is visible in the photo. Also not apparent are windows, furniture, or why Paul is eating off the floor (although the last two may have something to do with one another). In closing, I just wanted to say - thanks for teaching me not to eat off of the floor.

Love, Marc