You are the thieving goblin in the deep blue lagoon,
the witch of unalloyed, unpleasant mind.
Beads strung about you, lies on your tongue,
the coin of your sister placed in your hand.

She was the serpent, the light and the fleet,
the river ran deep to her house by the sea.
Loving and laughing, beloved and benighted,
lost far too soon, but loved everlasting.

But you - who are you to speak so of love?
To come here with coin of her heart and her hand?
You who have stolen, you who have severed,
what she left behind and what she set behind her.

No, don't speak to me of high-minded love.
Don't speak to me of the things that you stole.
You're trading in coin of a woman departed,
you're speaking of things unrightfully taken,
speaking in tongues that are forked and are lying,
coming to us like we owe of her what remains?

Go from us, begone from here, be not in my sight,
For I have no love for you of unpleasant mind.