The kind of stuff that makes you say "whoa; who would eat that?" Some of them I have enjoyed, but I try not to think about them when I'm eating. Here is my list (I haven't tried all these, btw).

haggis, potted meat, vegemite, head cheese, vienna sausages, hot dogs (cheap ones, in particular), chitterlings (commonly called chitlins in the American South), possum, escargot, arachnids, insects . . .

Upon review, it seems as though all the disgusting foods are from animals except the vegemite, which is specifically disgusting because it tastes horrible. The others just give me the willies. Almost makes a guy want to go vegetarian.

OK, MissCreant, you do have a point. I actually ate some okra when last I went home to visit my parents in Mississippi. My mom cut it up in some blackeyed peas, which is really the worst way to have it. I toughed it out, though. It is a bit gross. I don't understand what sort of idiot first decided it would be good to eat.