An inflammation of the skin caused by ingrown hairs, usually following shaving. This condition is common people with curly hair, particularly black men. It is normally called razor bumps among black folk. It is a major incentive to avoid shaving. The bumps are unsightly, and occasionally somewhat painful.

The condition can be prevented by taking special care not to shave too closely. Shaving "against the grain" (opposite the direction the hair grows naturally) is a way to almost certainly get razor bumps, as this will result in a very close shave. Depilatory mixes and creams such as Magic Shave are pretty common for shaving among black men. Alternatively, you can just grow a beard. I am unfortunately one of those people who cannot grow a proper full beard, so I have to settle for a goatee. I use Magic Shave on the rest of my scraggly beard to prevent razor bumps.