If you've come back to see how I've been doing on My plan the answer is:


  • Weight: 249 lbs.

  • This is a 1 pound decrease from last week, but I'm not concerned, because weight loss is a slow process and my changes are not likely to show dramatic results in a week, one way or the other.

  • Exercise: 8 walks of 20 minutes each.

  • This is short of my goal of taking 14 walks, but I am pleased, because that is 8 walks more than I would have done otherwise.

  • Diet:

  • Monday through Friday my plan went very well. I had breakfast and dinner as I had planned.

    On the weekend I skipped breakfast both Saturday and Sunday. I also ate too much for dinner. It's hard for me, when I'm visiting at my Dad's house to eat the way I plan. Seems like those old patterns re-assert themselves very quickly, in that environment.

  • Changes:

  • A vague rule, like drink less caffinated beverages is a hard rule to follow. So, I've come up with a different rule instead:

    I will allow myself to drink as many caffinated drinks as I want, as long as I:
    1. Drink 64 oz. of water first.
    2. Don't drink any caffinated drinks after 4:00 pm.

    At the suggestion of another E2 noder, I told a few friends at work about my plan, to have somebody to encourage me and help me to feel a bit more accountable.