I had no toys when I was young,
I used to play make believe to have some fun,
Until the day when I turned six,
I was given a doll that could do neat tricks.

Hidden on her bum was a silver key,
when I wound it round she would dance for me,
Swaying with tinkling music from side to side,
Open and close her eye lids would glide.

Boxed up on the cupboard she was placed,
rarely did I play with her just incase,
Occasionally I would ask mother to get her down,
and then I'd wind the key from under her wedding gown.

Soon in time I forgot she was there,
Gathering dust lay my dolly with her golden hair,
I went to Uni and enjoyed it very much,
Never thought of my Musical Bride which remained untouched.

I graduated and was living at home again,
and whilst one day searching for something in vain,
I found my doll and the box I dusted,
Just to find out that one of her eyes was busted.

This incident made me feel very sad
Because I hardly played with her incase the key went bad,
I regret not having played with my musical bride,
Atop mothers cupboard to this day she resides.

Unfortunately this story is honestly true,
and this poem has been written to give you a tiny view,
of all the nonsensical things I have done,
Who am I?... I'm a strange one...