Take notes of how this literal pain in the arse can be relieved qUiCkLy.

This condition is common place for women particularly after childbirth. As one might imagine, after a good heeve-ho, quite often more than just a baby pops out!

1. Firstly and most importantly you should keep your anus scrupulously clean.
(Just stating the obvious for those who are normally content with having a shitty arse).

2. Use a good lubricating suppository like 'Preparation H'. This will assist in one having a less painful excrement as well as internal healing.

3. Use a good external cream that contains the active ingredient Hydrocortisone. This will help in reducing the inflammation and the pain.

4. Keep the anal area cool, now it's difficult to keep an ice pack in place, so here's a good trick.. Soak up a ball of cotton wool in witch hazel, then lodge it into position with the aid of your bum cheeks. This will also help to keep the area disinfected.

Stick to the above regime and you should feel a bit better each day. I went through it, I KNOW the pain.