I don't daylog often. In fact in all the time I've been around here on E2, I've daylogged only twice, both the times on the same day, and it was essential for me to do it in more broader sense than to record something personal.

But today is the day I start to daylog for next few days. Maybe a couple of weeks, because things are happening, life is changing, my future plans and life, like clouds in the sky, are changing shape, and instead of looking like a hurt but carefree blue feathered bird tumbling around in the grass, it's promising to look like a well paved road, with the greenest grass, the bluest sky and the yellowest sunflowers on the sides ... and oh there's also Iris, and lily-of-the-valley and daisies, orange daisies...

Anyway, in less than a week I'll start for a month long vacation in India; I'm visiting my family.

I turned Chacha1 early this month. I had a niece. Like all grandparents the world around, my parents think their grandaughter is the most beautiful ever and has the loveliest voice ever. And they decided this within a few hours of her birth. She was born when it was about 7:30 in the morning here (PST). I received a call from my father at about 8:45. I was expecting the news for some days and so as soon as I heard his voice on other side of line I smiled in anticipation.

"Rishi! you've become a Chacha of a girl", he told me in a very excited tone. "And she looks exactly like Manu (my elder brother), she's very fair and beautiful Rishi, she's very beautiful!"
Considering any girl who looks like my brother would be far from 'beautiful', I chuckled at my father's euphoria. I've never done that in life but if I were around him physically then, I would'd hugged him.

I never thought that having a niece would be such an important change in my life till before it happened. Since she was born I've started to feel very different. Older, Mature, Responsible, Humbled ... I drive a little more carefully now, plan my future a little more sincerely now. And it's funny coz I've not even seen this little thing yet.

There are also other things changing in my life at the personal front which are making me change for better too. There are decisions I've made and am making to promise myself a happy future.

The morning glory vines are growing and sunflowers are budding; I'm collecting autumn leaves and promising myself evenings watching sunsets. And there's more to come - there are songs to lip sync to and poems to write; volatile dreams to 'save' and memories to 'commit'.

Its been a very long time since I've been this sure about my life, since future had a face. I need to record these moments for myself.

Chacha: Hindi - Your father's younger brothers are your Chachas.