(I disliked my previous write up and it received no votes, so I'm going to do this exercise again)

I remember in 6th grade we all had to make these books; write the story, draw and color the pictures, decide what size, shape, and color we wanted it to be. It is the only actual school assignment I can recall from school then. I made this book about this dragon who was so huge he destroyed cities and killed people, but in reality he was only trying to make friends and didn't realize all the destruction he was causing.

I remember the first book I ever read on my own by my own choice. It was called "Emmaline" and I can't remember the author. A silly story, really, about this woman who has a child at a very young age and gives it up for adoption. Many years later (20 or so) she marries this man, and eventually finds out that it's her son! Yeah, disgusting, but it made me cry and cry because I had thought what a wonderful thing for her to find this man after all she had been through, and it distorted my thoughts so harshly that I cried for hours.

I remember how the socks on my hands didn't help protect them from the snow. They were cold and wet and only caused my fingers to go numb - my parents didn't think spending money on gloves was important enough. They were probably right. There's this picture of me, one of the few pictures of me at that age, of my hair flying and the socks on my hands and I'm screaming or something. It looks like we're in the middle of a snowball fight. It was all so strange because I'm not used to snow.

I remember walking down aisles of the train with cardboard box of soda, water, candy, and other overly fattening foods. It always reminded me of being at a baseball game or something and those men who would call out, "Peanuts! Hot dogs! Lemonade!" or whatever.

I remember when I would be talking to a certain person online and I would type something and have to look away for nearly a full minute to get over my embarrassment. They couldn't see me and I couldn't see them but I would be overwhelmed with such embarrassment at telling the truth or saying how I felt. I'd have to look away and take all my inner strength simply to read what their response was. How odd.

I remember when the Internet had just begun to get public attention, but it was probably sometime after that since schools (teachers) seem to be so behind the times around here. And this teacher of mine asked if anyone had ever been on the Internet and nobody raised their hand. Not even me, even though I had been for years.