I looked at the clock. It was 10:00pm. Outside, my dad was starting a barbecue. I looked at the clock again. It was 8:00pm. Shit. I brought my hand to my chest. My heart was leaking. A vein in my heart exploded. Blood was leaking out of it. I ran downstairs to my dad.

"My heart is bleeding," I told him frantically. He threw his steaks into the barbecue and we were in his truck. I kept holding my chest. I could feel it leaking. I could feel the blood spurting out of it.

He was driving fast. He almost sped off the road. The tires kept screeching. We had to make it to the hospital. I told him it was okay. I could last a while longer. My dad kept mumbling that he never drives this bad, as he nearly slid off the road again.