The streets were crowded with beautiful people, rushing about in some old 50s film. We were in Spain, a narrow street of shops lining them, and bundles of people trying to stay out of the way of the passing bicycles. My sister Barbara was there, she'd brought me there because she knew the way. "I'm going back home now," she told me, and I was almost frantic. "You're going to leave me? All I have is a quarter." But she left me then, and I was alone on these streets. I no longer panicked, though, and was happy to be free.

I made my way into a nearby shop which ended up being a Burger King. Wait, I don't even like Burger King, I thought. So I left then and entered another store, which was McDonalds. Searching for the bathroom I found a sign above a door crowded with people surrounding it. The door swung open and masses of people sat at tables. This was no bathroom. "The bathroom is actually over there," a man told me, pointing towards what I knew couldn't possibly be a bathroom. He explained that they put the sign up there to trick people, but you actually have to ask the cashier for a bathroom key.

I'm driving now in a dark green van with my younger sister, my mother and my father. We stop at this place in the middle of a field of tall plants resembling corn and eat our lunch. When we're finished we cover it all up in hopes my sister Barbara won't find us. We know she's not far behind, hunting us down. We're driving again, my dad in the driver's seat, on a very narrow road without any railings on the side. It's held in mid-air and we'd fall to our horrible deaths if aren't careful. My dad keeps driving on the very edge to frighten me, and I start screaming at him, but he doesn't stop.

I tell them to drop me off at the next city, I can't handle this. They leave me there and drive away. I'm frightened again, the city full of people who don't understand me, and I have nowhere to go. There's a hotel but there aren't any rooms, there's a shop but it's closed, and the only way to get out of there is back onto the horrible road hanging in mid-air. I hide in the shadows until the van pulls up and my family has returned. I'm happy to see them.