Daylight Saving Time is here again. We set the clocks back at 2 A.M., spring ahead, fall back, here in the USA. Everyplace except Indiana and Hawaii and parts of Arizona. The kiddies were out Trick or Treating on saturday afternoon here in Oil City, PA and a few other nearby localities. We didn't get any takers at our house. We have had as many as 13 (that's our record) but we live on the edge of town and it was raining off and on.

A lot of places now have Halloween during the day. There has been daytime Halloween here for ten years. It was ten years ago that a young girl was abducted here in town right around Halloween. She was found dead a couple days later a few miles out of town. The case was never solved. They supposedly know who did it but there isn't enough evidence to prosecute. So October 31 is just another day here unless it falls on a Saturday.

My son and a couple friends hit the streets pretty hard. They each came back with a bag full of candy. I was welcome to the stuff they didn't like. I went out and bought a couple bags of candy just in case we got someone. I have that now too. I can take it to work and put it in the break room.

AMC is having a Halloween movie marathon. We're watching Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers for the third time. They had Halloween II on earlier this evening. AMC used to show movies without commercial interruption. Now they have a break in the movie about every 20 minutes. Somebody has to pay for it.

I spent most of the day puttering. The electric heater in our bathroom wasn't working so I fixed that. We sold our old washer and the guy who bought it came to pick it up. My wife was out of town all day so I was doing dishes and cleaning and cooking. All fun stuff. Well the boys have gone to bed so I'm going to see what else is on TV. I can watch the 6th game of the World Series, Austin City Limits (Los Lobos is on tonight) or SNL. First I have to see where those guys put the remote control.