Z - Music For Pets (1996)

Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals
Ahmet Zappa - Lead Vocals
Joe Travers - Drums
Bryan Beller - Bass
Mike Keneally - Guitar, Background Vocals

This was the second album from the Zappa brothers as a band. Shampoohorn had received a fair amount of success in Europe and Japan but didn't make a dent in the US. This may have been because of a lack of promotion, or because people thought it was a Frank Zappa record. And Frank is definitely an acquired taste. With acting gigs aplenty, the Zappas had little interest in promoting the album or touring and let it disappear. They subsequently did a brief 'workshop tour' at guitar stores around the country with just Dweezil and Ahmet pimping for Peavey.

Note: after a falling out that resulted in Keneally and Beller being kicked out of the band, they were relegated to "sidekicks" and the roles of bassist and guitar/backup vox were listed as being "Arkansas" and "Bing Jang", respectively. Arkansas and Bing Jang being the Zappa's dogs.

  1. Silver Lady Disco
  2. Coyote Face
  3. True Face
  4. Feminine SDH
  5. Boodledang
  6. Music For Pets
  7. Us
  8. Chicken Out
  9. With You
  10. Song For S
  11. Father Time
  12. Happiness
  13. Pure
  14. Mind Control
  15. Flibberty Jibbet
  16. Based On A True Story
  17. Silver Lady
  18. Choke
  19. Singer In The Woods...