1990 comedy about a birthday party gone horribly, horribly wrong. A young couple have arranged a dinner out for the girl's birthday, and are setting up their single guy friend with an awkward homely girl they know. There is a devout christian couple coming along as well which will later lead to some great gags.

The awkward homely girl is possessed by the devil while touching up her makeup and hilarity ensues. She literally sucks the life out of several of the party guests and at one point tries to run over a group of nuns walking down the street (visual: a row of nuns whipping out progressively larger firearms and firing after her: pistol, shotgun, grenade launcher. Nuns with guns, can't beat that for comedy).

The devil is being chased by Dana Ashbrook who is working for God, but only because God is blackmailing him.

Good lighthearted low budget comedy, especially appealing for those with a slightly twisted sense of humor.