Swedish modernist writer (novels, plays and poetry) (1859-1912). He wrote mostly in swedish, but some of his major works (e.g. Inferno), are written in french(the bastard, i hate reading translations of a swedish author's books). He is BIG in Sweden (but snobb culture these days, although his funeral procession in the streets of Stockholm was enourmous back in 1912) and the swedish author most widly known in the rest of the world (especially in Russia i hear). The Swedish Academy have always been mocked for not giving him the Nobel Prize in literature, as he is considered one of the fathers of modern swedish literature. Their standard response is that the Academy are a part of society and can only act as such (Stringberg was controversia and provocative in the eyes of his contemporaries, you see).

Major works are: (famous enough for me to know about them, english translations by me)
1872 Mäster Olof (Master Olof)
1879 Röda rummet (The red room)
1884 Giftas, for which he was almost imprisoned
1886 Tjänstekvinnans son
1887 Hemsöborna
1887 Le plaidoyer d’un fou, written in french (bah)
1888 Fröken Julie (Miss Julie)
1897 Inferno (written in french)