It should be noted in the "come vs. cum" argument, that the Japanese use the same word for both meanings of "Come" as we do. "Eee Kuu!" Means "I'm coming", whether the person means "I am having an orgasm now", or "I'll be right there," they both are expressed with the same phrase. Could it be, then, that "coming" simply means "arriving" at that place you want to be, whether in sex or in travel? That's what I think it means. People say, I'm getting close... I'm almost there... I'm coming!! and then they're there. I think the word "Come" never was originally meant to be created as a specific, separate term for orgasm, or the stuff that results from orgasm, it just 'came' to be that way. And since Stephen King always spelled it "Come" whether referring to the verb or the noun, I always felt that "Cum" was a gutter spelling, reserved for uneducated types who write in to Penthouse Forum.