Well this happened on Wednesday going in to Thursday according to the time. I can say it was a fun midnight. I got back from work that day with my friend clearpebbles; I opened her gate for her so she could go in. The first thing that popped in to my head was, "I don't want to go home," so I asked, "what are you going to do tonight?" She said, "Node and stuff". I asked her if she wanted to do anything. The first thing out of her mouth was, "it’s late," but she made this funny face and she said, "Ok what?" So I asked her if she wanted to smoke she said she couldn't but somehow I convinced her to do it. So we agreed to meet at 12:00, which was just about 20 minutes away. As I was on my way to her house the phone rings, its her, and she tells me that her step dad is still awake and she can’t go out the front door. I told her to try to get out through her window so she said she would. I walked over and I guess it took her a while to get out the window because 20 minutes later she came, but it was cool. So we said "hi" to each other and go about our business. Out of nowhere her cat popped out. This is a weird cat you see because it acts all innocent but is really evil. This cat licks you and then bites you. We were there for a while, as we headed back to her house we noticed like a light on in the kitchen and well she got worried so we decided to stay and wait while longer. I started to babble about stuff that I guess I needed to get out and I really can't trust anyone else than her so I felt secure telling her what I was. There was one that made me cry it involved my mother and how I think that she doesn't give a shit about me any more. I guess it all started when she found our pot in my room four times already. And well she was the only person that I thought cared for me so I felt sort of sad and lonely because no one cared for me and that is what got me to start to cry. I looked over to pebbles to see what she's doing and well she’s crying too. She said she was crying because she felt the same. So then I started to cry even more and so did she. I wanted to hold her but I knew how much she would hate that because it’s coming from me so that’s what stopped me but in time I guess we got over it. Around 2:00 AM we decided "fuck it." If there was someone there we would just have to take the risk. We walked up to her window I held the screen open with one hand and carried her up so she could go in and then I said bye. What she doesn’t know is that I stayed under her window for like 15 minutes more because I started to cry again. That lonely feeling came back so when I finished crying I went home. That was the first time I had ever helped any one sneak back in to their room through their window.