Providing a different perpsective to qousqous's writeup, above:

Having grown up in a rural area and raised on artesian well water, I will add that it is something you can get used to. People who weren't used to the water at home would sometimes literally throw up after drinking a glass of it, not knowing what they were in for. Of course it never bothered me or my family (aside from the sometimes strong sulfur smell), and as a matter of fact, I quite strongly dislike drinking the water where I live now, because it's not what I grew up with.

I don't know the exact concentrations of material in the water, but I do know it was always cloudy with stuff, even the cold water. Hot tap water was completely opaque. I know there was a lot of sulfur due to run-off from the surrounding fields (lots of fertilizer), and there was plenty of iron and some lead as well.

A friend from Santa Fe has a similar experience (enjoying the taste of the hard water that comes from the wells). In fact, he mentioned that his mother had prohibited him from drinking the tap water due to worries about radium and other radioactive junk in the water, forcing him to sneak it from the bathroom tap. (Lest you think this is simple paranoia on his Mom's part, I'll mention she works at Los Alamos National Laboratory and has like 4 PhDs, so she probably knows something we don't).