WolfDaddy: There is mentioned in many places "the other disciple," "another disciple," "that disciple whom Jesus loved," etc. in the Gospel of John. I have always understood that this is where John is referring to himself, humbly leaving out his own name, but still recording the true reference. More importantly, however is that the Greek word eros is not the word used, nor is it used anywhere in the Bible. This is agape love.

Yes, the Bible is open to interpretation, as is any literary work, but ultimately only one interpretation matters. If someone sends me an "artfully" constructed death threat, what difference does it make if I interpret it as an advertisement for lawn mowers? It may well not be possible to know 100% what the intended massage is, but if you're going to claim it doesn't matter, then why bother with the Bible at all? If you're only seeking to justify your beliefs and refuse to allow them to be shaped by what you find, you may as well use Shakespeare instead.


In the end I think you'll find it difficult to directly support any position on sex from the Bible, because the Bible is not about sex. Sure, there's sex in there, but that's not the primary theme. In fact, Mt 22:30 "For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven." So anyone focused primarily on sex would probably find themselves quite out of place in God's kingdom.

Unless you think the angels are just having one big orgy in heaven, in which case I can't help you...