Well... creepy dream.

The dream started with iron man (the superhero) telling me that my evil plan wouldn't work. I asked him what he meant. He said the cat-powered, monkey-navigated death missile wouldn't fly. I turned around to see a couple hundred cats pruning themselves on little hamster wheels. There were monkeys strapped down, though their little roller-blades and red fezzes were still visible. I turned around, and Iron man was close enough that he gave me a ghastly punch to the face. I yelled in pain, and could swear I saw the word "BIFF!" appear in front of me. I heard a loud gunshot and woke up.

(turns out my Sabbath tape had run out...)
It was 3:00 now, and I went back to sleep.

I was talking with my friend about our new posts as security guards at AFD (from the half-life mod Science and Industry) ... I was going to ask the company's CFO if we could get guns, because our flashlights were cheap shitty plastic like the M-16 and would shatter upon hitting someone in the head... I went to see the board of directors. Started out with George Carlin asking me if I could read my request to the board... half-way through, seemingly laughing at a hidden joke, Regis Philbin said "Oh ? is that your final answer?" ... I remember Henry Kissinger trying to protest the purchase of our firearms, doing some talk about "trickle-down economics" and "when I was running the Paris peace talks..." I go back to my friend; hearing that our request was denied, he attacks me with the cheap plastic flashlight... I feel a sharp pain to the head and wake up. It's 10:00. I got up a full 2 hours earlier than I did yesterday... creepy.

Please excuse the lateness of this addition to the dream log... i just wasn't able to get online before this. It's happening to me more and more; my parents are toughening up their anti-internet stance. Somebody wanna give me a DSL line?