Every time I see one of these damn ads on tv, I want to go out and have a cigarette. I don't smoke, I never intend to, I decided that because I saw what smoking did to members of my family and how hard people who I knew who smoked tried to quit. But when I see those commercials with those kids dumping body bags everywhere, I want to smoke just to spite them. The tv is telling me it's cool not to smoke, they try too hard to be cool, so it makes me want to do the opposite just to piss them off.

I don't think that people should smoke, but if they want to, that's not my issue. A lot of people think that I shouldn't drop LSD and take ecstasy, but that's my issue not theirs. Nag someone about doing something, and they'll continue to do it just to spite you. When people smoke they are harming themselves, not me. I've never run into a smoker who enjoyed blowing smoke in my face or anything.

Just leave the issue alone, dammit. Make cigarettes illegal and people will still smoke. And your damn commercials aren't doing anything to help the issue.