We all know that rules are made to be broken and yada yada yada, but certain people uphold certain standards to everyone BUT themselves. This is also known as hypocrisy, but I believe it is it's own special kind of hypocrisy because not only is someone contradicting their professed beliefs, but he/she is justifying why they can break the rules but no one else can.

My incredibly horny roommate who is constantly whining about not getting laid and couldn't believe it when he had to go a year without sex: "I hate guys that bitch about not getting action. No one is guaranteed sex." (Direct email quote!)

The same incredibly horny roommate walks around downtown with a little kid's police helmet on and whines when she gets strange stares from people ('"No one should judge me by my looks!") only hours later makes fun of the kid with the unibrow on this show about geniuses.

"The sign says 20 items or less, but I have 30, is that okay, because well, you're not busy and I'm in hurry! I normally don't do this!"