I've picked up a new hobby.
I have, like, no disposable income but I search eBay constantly for stuff. I don't know why I do, especailly since if I happened to get $200 in the mail or whatever I'd buy a GameCube (with free GB Player!) and Megaman Network Transmission.. anyway, a bunch of people sell Super Famicom games with Japanese titles listed under "unknown title". I send them the title of the game in a comment/question to seller. Weird hobby, but I get thank-you notes all the time for it. ..now if only one of those thank-you notes came attached with $200...

I have four computers now.

Ka-la has the best memory ever. She thought Drew Helfrich and I were dating, which was really funny. I got Black Cauldron on DVD and a bunch of CD-Rs, so when I get online with my laptop (I'll probably close out of this compy and do that right quick) I can burn some Torah. David Hatchett came over and we played River City Ransom.. I still need to beat it with someone so we can laugh at the crappy ending (and get our asses kicked repeatedly by the Hattori brothers at the end, even with maxxed stats).
I need to play DDR again soon... I'm getting fat and lazy ;_;

I'm probably going to leave for IU on Sunday or something..

I just finished burning the first 13 of the 54 sections of the Torah onto audio CD so I can listen to Torah in my car. 4 CDs so far, and it covers all of Genesis and Exodus 1-5 plus haftarah.

I hate emotion. It's fickle and fragile. It keeps changing at complete random. I sit here compiling the Torah portions and I'm perfectly content, then suddenly I'm horribly depressed, then I'm talking to Heather and having a good time, then I just stop responding and start crying and by the time I can talk to her again she's offline. I really hate emotion.

Right. Packing.