School. I'm worried about when homeroom will be next week - between classes is what I've been told. I go to math class, taught by my precalc teacher with the class of my 7th grade prealgebra class. I have too much in my hands, so I give some of the books to my English teacher from last year (freak!) so I can sit down. Jacob Goodman asks the math teacher about the homeroom thing, he says it's going to be June 1 from 5-7, so after all classes.

It's about this time that I start getting bored, so I look back to the English teacher in the back of the room, and he's CUT A HOLE THROUGH MY BOOK. The book, by the way, was my copy of Eyes of Silver by Mike Stackpole, in mint condition except for three faint creases in the spine (a huge freaking hole cut all the way through it). I freak out and cry, he leaves the room in a door near me (we're on the second floor, there's no space there for a door) to smoke.

The math teacher asks me what's wrong so I say that he cut hole in my book, and that he probably didn't like the author (it wasn't Mike Stackpole, which got me all confused). anyway, after a bit more of everyone ignoring me while I don't pay attention and cry over the book, this girl comes in asking for help on burning CDs, so I help her, and then class is over.

I go to this weird parking-lot thing with huuuge stone merry-go-rounds.

And there was something bout cloning, but the only thing that I can envisioned was that some movie for an anime was cancelled, so they cut the 22nd episode because it had clone of one of the chracters in it. I talk to my parents about the book after I get off the stone merry-go-round, and dad gets ll pissed-like (or so I think) and leads us back into the school (the door for the second floor is at ground level).

Over the speaker system in the hallway (you that go there know what I'm saying) they're playing the final Sigma battle (Repliroid King) from X1, and I say "they're playing Sephiroth's theme!" (which is wrong) and almost everyone I can see to my left stops, listens, and agrees. I walk over there because I don't remember another hallway there and I see my dead uncle and some other people waiting in line, so I walk the other way, comment to someone that the "whole hallway stopped", and try to get a drink from a water fountain that only sprays sand at me.