I leave at noon on my birthday for three weeks alone in an Extended Stay America. Alone with the prime time soap operas I've been avoiding for the past two years and my thoughts and inadequacies. This is the big test, and it's not just professional.

Professionally, I can be honored, and am. Excited even. Not often is such an excursion part of the chronological records of public service. It means they've got the faith, and in me, no less. It means I haven't been sucked under the wheels of the System quite yet. It means I get to think and produce and play with the really neat toys. It means I come home ready to be a leader.

But that's 8 to 5. What do I do with myself in a motel room in Houston once night falls and the diligent businesspersons go home to family and dinner? I miss Halloween, and my grandfather's 90th birthday (he suggested to me when last we spoke that he's willing to stick around for that, but not much longer). Maybe I'll read a book. Maybe I'll go crazy.

If you know Houston, /msg me some suggestions, ok?