These keyboards are the spawn of the devil. In addition to the numerous concerns regarding typing logistics that mcc details above, there is a much more subtle problem that effects the other half of computer lab users, the ones who wouldn't have any idea what to do with the pipe even if it were located more conveniently.

These keys stick like a motherfucker.

Imagine the consternation of the lab techs when a distraught user comes to the desk, aggravated and/or terrified because the printer won't stop spitting out blank paper. Or when we're sitting peacefully at our desks and we hear the hum of the repeated, pained beeping the computer produces when it thinks you maybe don't need quite that many line breaks. Or when they come to us wailing that their document is gone and their cursor is going crazy (which is what it looks like, in Word, when the enter key is depressed for a long time).

Some day, we'll get new keyboards. And on that day we will take all the keyboards with the L-shaped Enter key and run over them with monster trucks.