The NeXT keyboard has some serious issues. First, it's got one of those L-shaped enter keys. That is one big strike against it. But I can get over that. Here's the inexcusable sin: the pipe, tilde, and both slashes have been banished over to the numeric keypad. Tilde is above 7, pipe is above 8, and both slashes are on the same key over the 9. It's all that blasted enter's fault.

Oh, the keyboard does have a few good things: a really huge space bar, a very loud clicking sound, keys to control power, sound, and monitor brightness, a correctly placed control, and cut and paste keys right on the keyboard. Also, there are modifier keys like crazy: control, shift, alternate, and command.

I hear that the keyboard I have described is the type 2 keyboard and that the type 1 has a proper enter key and brings the banished keys back to the main part of the keyboard.

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