Last night went slumming at non-fraternity parties. Which is always an interesting experience, because the two types are very, shall we say, distinct.

What might strike some of the noders here as strange is that the only time one tastes keg beer, it's at house parties; yes, there are no kegs in fraternity houses anymore at the University.

So, I was treated to a cold keg of Coor's Light, and afterwards, a cold keg of Killian's. A quote-unquote "Coors theme party", since they're both distributed by the same company.

Anyways, saw an incredibly banal ska band called Donkey Punch play, which was sorta fun. The music and stage presence was fantastic, although anything positive they had going for them was killed by their lyrical topics:

C'mon! Good ska and punk music has a social conscience, not just an obsession with pop culture.

And today is the day of the cross-state rivalry, between Michigan State University and my own alma matter, University of Michigan. So the campus is a buzz of excitement; the Ann Arbor fans are smelling blood already.