i've been keeping very strange hours lately; thanks to my twin loves of women and computers:

  • one: friday night, went over to future-roommate's apartment, drank, and watched a movie. came back, mildly buzzed, and stayed up until 5am code crunching.
  • two: saturday day, spend hours from noon till 3 coding, then from 4 till 7, then from 830 till 10pm. thiiiiiis close to being finished.
  • three: saturday night, go out bar crawling with the new smooching partner; we end up getting back at 430am, and then staying up playing until 6am.
  • four: after going to bed at 6am and not falling asleep till 645am, i wake up at 11am in order to head to work at 12pm.
  • five: an hour into work, get the program finished. rapturous happiness at being finished with school for the next couple weeks.
is this healthy??