In a horrible fuckin' mood, for no reason whatsoever. I think that it's another step further towards proving my theory of the male period... I seem to be acting a lot like a theoretical girlfriend would once a month.

The freakin idiots at Sprint PCS screwed up my service request, so I called immediatley after work to try and resolve the issue peacefully. After a 45 minute hold time, I finally got a friendly operator. Which made the anger level go a little bit down.

The anger level, however, went up a hundred-fold after finally making progress with the said operator, only to have the digital service cut out, ending my call. While in the apartment, without making any sudden movements.


So I laid in bed for an hour, steaming and sweating my frustration out.


I re-wrote my home node, did some soft linking, scared a couple of youngsters, and generally vented at Everything throughout the day, before the mentioned Sprint PCS incident happened. What type of chaos could be raised while operating at this level is yet to be seen... grr.

Damn, I am glad to not be a woman. Having random hormonally-induced shitty days sucks.