A clear case of bad luck?

I am reflecting on a bizarre week, the second week since returning to the office. I came in on Friday to find that my Internet connection has been chopped - Shucks! It seems that they monitor proxy usage, and mine has been too much. Too many hits on E2 and a few other places I guess, well, I might be able to justify this as research :-). But they are not giving me any real work to do, their online CBT application is broken - I am having to order courses specially burnt on CD!

I overhear a conversation between a salesman and one of the other project managers. It seems they have a requirement for a Clearcase person. Now I was using Clearcase extensively at the last client site, and I tell the project manager that. He quizzes me about my level of expertise. It seems that the client wants someone with clearcase admin skills and more experience - a Clearcase guru, I offer my assistance in the interview process, as I am experienced in change management.

When I take my lunch, I call a recruitment agent whom I have had dealings with in the past. I tell him about my own situation - that I am tentatively looking for another job, but not overly optimistic in this economic climate. I also tell him about the requirement for a Clearcase guru. He is keen and interested in helping if he can find he right person.

Later in the day, the salesman asks for help in recruiting said guru; I make a few phone calls, post to a discussion list and draw a blank.

At the end of the day, I find out who the client is, and, guess what, it's the same client as where I was working in September. Their resident Clearcase person is leaving, and there is nobody to replace them. I reckon that if I were still on site (see my day log of September 30, 2002), I could easily have convinced the client that I was up to the job. I have told our account manager that, and I will see what happens. It may be the case that they have to go through the formal interviewing process, find nobody suitable, then propose me to go back on site.

Ah well, c'est la vie. sic frangit biscuitus.