Quake, by id, is the most convincing argument so far for video games as an art form. Yes, it was technically innovative, but it lives on in my dreams and nightmares because of its brilliant, cohesive, and totally unexpected vision, fully realized when the game is played online.

Online, players enter a world of identical, brawny vikings running through narrow corridors of stone and rusted metal against a soundtrack of screams and grunts. Quake takes the latent homoerotic fetishism that underpins most video games to its logical and delirious extreme, nowhere more than in the "frag" or kill messages, appearing every time a point is scored:

Ninja chewed on Vlad's boomstick
Vlad was nailed by Mick
Ninja ate 2 loads of Vlad's buckshot
Vlad was punctured by Ninja
Mick eats Ninja's pineapple
Vlad rides Ninja's rocket
Ninja accepts Vlad's shaft
Ninja accepts Vlad's discharge

Quake would have been Fassbinder's favorite computer game.