The Bionic Man's nemesis, and the toy I longed for when I was about ten.

The real Maskatron was a robot who could be fitted with different masks (a la Westworld) to impersonate Steve Austin, his boss Oscar Goldman, or -- I guess -- anybody about the right height and hair color.

The toy Maskatron was a 12-inch action figure that came with three masks: Steve Austin, Oscar Goldman, and some generic other guy. Its arms and legs were spring-loaded and would pop off when you used your Steve Austin doll (not included) to hit the special buttons. After doing this a few times, though, the limbs had a tendency to pop off at random, which bitterly disappointed ten-year-old me.

Here's a tip: if you ever think your friend might actually be Maskatron, throw a ballpoint pen on the floor where he's likely to step on it. If it's crushed into powder, that's not your friend at all... IT'S MASKATRON! (Maskatron's much heavier than a human being.)

If you suspect your friend might be the toy version of Maskatron, just watch to see if his limbs randomly pop off.