I've just come back from the puubn and am therefore a bit tipssy. I normally node while I'm at work and skiving and am a little less "inspired" in my commentaries.
I'm gonna have to do this more often, I don't know what I'm going to write but it's definately going to be a little more different to what I usually do.

You'll have to see January 26, 2001 to see my exploits at work, but it's not very interesting. This is more like an update to my earlier log but this happens to be more accurate.

I'll hang around here for a little while I think then go to bed. It's the weekend in the morning so I get to sleep in (not). I'm going to a computer fair so my Dad can look at printers and pretend to know what he's talking about. After that I get to see Sarah and go shopping.
Sunday's probably going to involve another pub so I think I'm going to have a nice weekend.

See you all bright and early on Monday morning.