All of this happened after midnight, so I guess it falls in the fourteenth.
When I got to Jason's, Christin was over. Christin was a friend of Jason's from two years ago, nowadays she is going to some richbitch school in Orlando. She is admittedly a major cokehead who rambles even more than me, usually about her ex-boyfriends, usually more than anyone cares to hear. The only good part about her is that she resembles ginger spice albeit a much taller, blonde version. She has a boyfriend, in Australia, plus she's Jason's guest, so I'll respect that - even though I couldn't help but flirt with her all night.

We headed over to Patrick's, where Ben (Broken Jaw,) Luke and Kyle were hanging... out. They were all too drunk to walk, and Luke puked all over the bathroom but wouldn't admit to it. Patrick almost kicked Luke's ass for it, but Ben ended the dispute by cleaning the mess up. Odd little bunch. Christin and I shared drug stories, Jason mainly listened. After two pints of guinness spread per person over an hour, we figured it was time to head home.

I want Jason to take action, honestly... I mean, there's this girl, she's his call, but hitting on me... wtf. Life's too complex. Oh well, we're all partying tomorrow night, something will resolve.