Today we reach 70000 nodes. I won't be here from 12:30-19:00EST (Everything time:9:30-16:00). Can we PLEASE reach 70,000 before I leave or after I return?
Okay. I'm back. Resume noding. (Demy, you've been noding like crazy while I was gone! YOU JERK! I HATE YOU!!!

Now would be an ideal time for pi to nuke ENN, Everything: Statictics, and Everything New Nodes :-)

October 13, 1999,More,October 15, 1999
Ah, the 70K node mark. N70K. Always a nice pick-me-up after I realize that no matter what I do, either A) I don't know enough about Linux to get that silly ethernet card installed, or B) Linux just don't wanna recognize it. Oh, well, such&is life. Somebody help me.

Somewhere along the line, I'll start PASSING my Chemistry tests. Not now.


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