According to the Old Testament, God is just in all ways. Since one man’s justice in this world has an effect on many, His justice in this world is a more general justice than that of the individual, which causes the individual at times to be denied justice until the afterlife. This means that one must take life as it comes, the good alongside with the apparent injustices, accepting God’s will at all times and anticipating his justice at one’s end. God therefore is not good in the mortal goodwill sense, but ultimately just. While establishing general justice, God creates a balancing beauty to those who are temporarily forsaken for the greater good. This general justice is exemplary and ever present but intangible to the man who proclaims God to be not ‘good.’ God is not good in the way the commoner defines it, as he oversees the tokens given to counter the temporary injustices the individual may have to endure.

I took the class last year :)