I was at the bank, trying to cash a $165 check, but the teller was extremely incompetent when it came to taking my name down. The check was passed around the bank, and no one seemed able to cash it. Finally, they asked me to sign something but no pen was available. My mother and I were asked to sit at a table and wait again, then some bank lady sat beside us and started pointing her finger at my mother. I shook mine and told her not to point fingers, that that was a rude habit. She was outraged and we left. The bank itself was rather odd also. The lobby's ceiling was 30 feet from the ground, and the walls were covered in red satin drapes. Alexander (my brother, 13) and I step outside and agree to meet with mom later on... Alexander suggests a game called "skip traffic," and I agree to play. The game consists of running in between cars, and sonic-style jumping off of the windshields to get to the other side.

Alexander complains about not getting to a party on time, so we take The T out to the woods, where the party is supposed to be. When we get to the gate, there is no one there. Alexander is depressed because someone lied to him. We take the T back and decide to rent a movie and order pizza.