I passed out on the couch after eating half of an extra large pizza and watching American Beauty... ::wavy effect::

   I'm at Claire's apartment, however it is located in Mobile. It is known to me that we had hooked up already, I walk over and embrace her. She leads me to her bedroom.

Alexander wakes me up, I walk back to my room, damning his disturbance of my dream.

   I find myself in my old house from Germany, however it is located in New Orleans. Cleaning my room, I find an ounce of Kind Bud - My mother walks in, I throw it out the window. She is yelling at me, telling me that I can't go to the festival until I repair the pool filter and clean my room. I tell her that I need some parts and run to the store... I ask the lady at the register how late the festival runs tonight, and after some looking around she tells me that it's about to be over, it is already past nine 'o clock. Leaving the store, I run into Jason and his friends, they are about to go to a party at one of the Auburn dorms (also located in New Orleans.) Inside the dorm, a bunch of people are sitting around, toking and eating shrooms. I tell MC that I'll buy one off of her, everyone is surprised. Without having taken it, I leave the room to go to the bathoom. The toilets face each other, I have to wait in line. Some guy is on the one to my left, a girl peeing through a tube is sitting on top of the barrier of the one on my right... I notice the tube spilling all over her shoes and dress. This is disgusting, I think, and wait until both have left. Returning to Jason's, I realize that everyone including Jan is sitting in Jason's car. Grabbing my bookbag, I join them. A bus pulls up, the driver approaches the car and asks if we want to ride with him... people talk to him, at first reluctantly, but then go on the bus. Everyone seems to be carrying a bong. "Fine with me," says I, and bring a funnel. The driver stops me, tells me that there's no alcohol allowed on the bus. Not wanting to lose my stuff, I go back into Jason's car, two other people were left there. It turns out that this is actually their car, and they go ahead and leave (with me in the car.)
I grab some pencils out of the glove compartment, planning on doing a sketch of claire whenever I see her. We stop at one of their friends' apartments, there are no railings on the balconies. Also, the grass was strewn with glass shards. I was barefoot. Their friend wasn't home, we turned around and got back into the car. "Great," I think, "another night in Mobile with nothing happening." One of the guys in the car pulls out a guitar and starts playing... I close my eyes and focus on the music, feel it. The night envelops the whole city, a few lights still shine, but they are few and far in between. When we return to the parking lot, the other guys are there also. I awake.