I adore naps, mainly because they are one of the few times I get to remember my dreams, even if only in fragments.

O-swirl and I had moved to Paris, into an estate right off the Champs-Élysées. Quite appropriately, my dream car (A blackish-blue BMW Z-8) was in the driveway, and we took a moment to adore the caramel vanilla sky, illuminating some gilded rooftops. The ruins looked more Roman than anything, and just as I realized this had to be a dream, Penelope Cruz walked up.

"Philippe! Summer! Welcome to the neighborhood! I live right one door over." Instinctively I knew that she often hosted Sushi parties attended by scores of celebrities. Without taking a breath, she named a score of A-list celebrities, many of which O-swirl is a fan of.

We were going to take a walk through the city, but my room-mate awoke me.
Originally I had planned to only take a nap, but the sky was so beautiful and my Love so happy that I decided I ought to go back to sleep, and attempt to continue the dream.

This, of course, didn't happen, and I dreamt of being at a version of Summer's apartment and having two people who still haunt me come over with intent of killing me. (In the Bedroom.) Lovely.