There are picnics involved? I was never told. My fondest memory of Stupid Parking Tricks was the morning I got up and rode my bike from the Back Bay part of Boston over to Cambridge, near MIT, so I could circle the block in the car a few times before finding a space around the corner from where I was.

I then mailed a check to the Proper Authorities in NYC, for I had been busted for failing to move my car during a recent trip to the Lower East Side - there were no picnics there, since we'd gone to sleep really late, and my hosts were ignorant non-drivers with not a clue about the indignities one must suffer as a Person of Drive in Manhattan.

"It was a good day," as that Cube person might say.

I hate cities.

But, then again, there's no such thing as a Murphreesboro Symphony Orchestra.

Cities can be OK, I guess. Just don't make me bring a car there.