I nuked my first E2 writeup this morning - p_i's human-spellcheck of GGB (if I've nuked it prematurely, I plead early-morning brain cramp and ask your forgiveness). It was done with trepidation, fearing I'd somehow nuke the entire node, but it worked out OK. I was prepared to reconstruct N-Wing's writeup just in case things went wrong - always be prepared to fix your nuking mistakes.

The completion of my stupid bedtime story node string touched off some semi-grisly memories that crept into my prayer time - cool, I just rolled with it and visited some long-forgotten addresses in my memory. Learned a thing or two. Sometimes I'd rather not know some things about me. And sometimes God forces the issue.

Louise Beaudoin rocks. Sometimes. Take that Sony and Nintendo! (Ms. Beaudoin, the chief of the "language police", is insisting on French-language docs and warranties of video games, and on having French Pokémon cards on the market). Vive le Québec libre! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Louise Beaudoin rocks"? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd put such a sentence together. Were I not a thousand miles away, she and the Office de la langue francaise would, normally, expect the unexpectorated from me.