Freenode is an IRC Network dedicated to Free Software/Open Source. It was previously known as Open Projects Net. Freenode hosts a large number of projects, such as gaim, GNU, debian, kernelnewbies and many other smaller projects. The network is "a service of the PDPC".

Freenode is different from other IRC networks in that it adopts tactics to try to deliberately promote a friendly and calm environment. For example, they have the concept suggest a no channel op policy in order to try to reduce channel temperature.

Freenode received some criticism recently because of leader lilo's use of the network to ask for personal donations. Some servers and large channels eventually left the network. This eventually stopped however, and the PDPC even issued an official apology.

Freenode also has a streaming Ogg Vorbis radio station, called Freenode Radio or FNR (previously "WOPN").