Hellsing is an excellent anime series deriving from an excellent manga. The series is usually considered to be a bit darker in tone than the manga, though the two only coincided in plot in the beginning. The manga has only recently been translated into English, and is being released by Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse has kept the right to left styling of the original manga for the purpose of coherency. Several pages from the first issue would make little sense if the order were rearranged.

Hellsing (the anime) has the distinction of having quite possibly the best dub of any anime series I've ever watched. The voices all sound quite natural, with correct British accents. The voice of Alucard I would consider to be one of the best bits of voice casting I've ever heard. Even better, with this dub, the voices are in sync with the animation better than most I've seen. It occasionally makes one wonder if the series were actually written in English.